Tips to Build A Reliable B2B Lead Generation Strategy [Guest Post]



Like many marketers, you may be wondering, among all the possible and imaginable lead generation strategies, which is the most effective…

But marketing is constantly evolving, which means that new tactics are constantly emerging. Trends are continually changing, which is also true for buyer behavior.

By regularly keeping you up-to-date on the latest innovations and technologies, you can optimize your sales tunnel to generate more leads.

Many marketing professionals such as magento development or ecommerce Development Company devote a tremendous amount of time and resources to developing reliable tactics. It is important to bet from the start on a winning strategy, that is to say adapted to your target audience and that will help you to aim higher and higher!

We will therefore discuss all the techniques, all the levers, that allow you today to generate qualified leads in the least intrusive way possible and the most in line with the expectations of B2B consumers.


Lead Generation

Lead generation means, for a company, to use all marketing channels, traditional (trade shows and conferences, mailing, etc.) as digital (email, social networks, SEA, Paid Social, SEO, etc.), so to capture the attention of potential prospects, to obtain information on those (email, first name, name, company, need) and to be able to start a commercial process.


Establish the profile of your target audience

User behavior is evolving at the same rate as technological innovations. That’s why it’s best to study your target audience and create effective personas to learn how to better exploit the weak points as the strengths of your potential buyers.

About these, ask yourself:

  1. What are their goals?
  2. What issues are they facing?
  3. What are they willing to invest to solve them?
  4. What are their needs in terms of quality and quantity?

The secret of a successful marketing strategy?

Do not just answer these questions once and for all. On the contrary, ask them regularly: you will see that the answers will evolve over time and that the time may have come to offer innovative products or special promotions to your customers forever.


Work closely with your sales team

Your sales people are in direct contact with your customers and are important intermediaries between you and your buyers.

Ask them to send you feedback from customers on your services and products and put this information in parallel with your own data (sales figures, traffic rate of your site, number of subscribers …)

Your sales team can also provide you with information that will help you understand who your buyers are: hone your honey for the establishment of your “persona”. When sales and marketing departments work hand in hand, the results are always better. Align your sales policy and marketing strategy and you will get:

  • a higher conversion rate
  • better performance for both services
  • a professional environment capable of giving the best of itself.


Analyze your data

Improve your analysis to understand:

  • where do your leads come from?
  • which channel produces the most leads?
  • which leads are most likely to become buyers?

Data analytics can also help you identify changes in your customers’ behavior to adapt your strategies accordingly. Do regular analyze! The numbers do not lie. They will help you identify significant trends and learn from them.

To start, you can use Google Analytics but, in a second time, it will be better to invest in a tool adapted to your specific needs.


Join SMS and emails in your campaigns

What is emailing for?

Not only to keep in touch with your audience, but also to build a relationship with your leads. And while it is true that most users frequently check their emails, all users read their SMS.

Indeed, 95% of messages sent by SMS are read less than three minutes after being sent. Feel free to use this channel for your campaigns.

According to this Proxima SMS study, with an SMS sending, the reading rate is greater than 95%. When it arrives on the phone, the message is immediately read, given its speed of reading.

A promotional message broadcast by SMS will therefore have 3 times more impact than an emailing.


Expand your marketing campaigns

For your marketing campaigns, test different strategies. Unify and develop your tactics through different lead generation channels.

However, even if you take multiple ways to make yourself heard, remember:

  • to affirm the unique personality of your brand;
  • Make consistent choices, consistent with your brand philosophy.

In other words, multiply the ways to make yourself known, but while providing a consistent picture of your business … It is essential to build the trust of your audience!


Maintain your relationships through social networks

According to a study by Quicksprout, more than 23% of Internet users spend most of their time browsing between corporate blogs and social networks.

As a result, marketers use these platforms to increase their brand awareness (83%), increase site traffic (69%) and gain insight into their market (65%). These are 3 very useful axes to acquire leads and optimize sales.

According to recent figures, 66% of marketers have increased their lead generation rate by spending at least 6 hours a week on social networks. This is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience.

Build a relationship with your customers by demonstrating on social networks and offering answers to their questions and problems. Like their posts and comment on their photos and your users will remember your brand. In our time, being sociable can be a great help…

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Create quality content

Today, on the internet, everything is history of contents. Try to be consistent in your publications. Not only will you gain credibility as an expert, but your rank will grow in the search engines and you will gain more credibility.

Be careful though: do not create content just to create content. Strive to provide valuable texts to your target audience. Create engaging content that seamlessly integrates with your subscriber’s conversation thread.

Inbound Marketing is the cornerstone of your B2B lead generation. To attract visitors and have them converted to your site, it becomes essential to create targeted content for your typical clients, your Personas.

The key is to present different forms of content to reach different segments of your audience. You can use your blog posts, videos, infographics, webinars or any other type of content. In any case, you will have to rely on variety to reach a plural audience at different stages of the buying cycle. To create these contents, you will gain to follow the following points:

Answering the problems of your target customers

On Facebook, just like anywhere else, you’ll only incite action by pushing where it hurts. Focus on the problem that prevents your target client from sleeping and you have already been part of the way.

Create your premium content for your target client

The answer to a strong problem can take several forms. It can be broken down into a white paper, a practical guide, a webinar. Use your test audience to define the content that will best meet your goals and the expectations of your audience.

Treat your call-to-action

You will not generate conversions without implementing relevant call-to-action.

Test the emotions you want to put forward to get the user to perform the desired action.

For example, you can count on the urgency (“More than 48 hours to register”) on the mass effect (“over 100,000 of your peers have already downloaded this guide”).

Treat your landing page

Your landing page must keep the promises made by your promotional message. Ideally, it must offer your target client resources that allow them to solve their problem or, depending on their position in the purchasing cycle, to contact your company.

By publishing valuable content that informs, educates and entertain, you will gain the loyalty of your leads. But it will be easier to convert once you have gained their trust.


Refine your SEO strategy

How, your website is not yet in the first pages of Google?

According to a BDM / Media study, 91% of Google clicks are on the first page.

Less than 10% of users go beyond the very first pages of results during an online search, hence the importance for your site to access the top ranks…

Today, SEO is both a matter of relevance and authority. To climb the ladder, increasing your traffic will not be enough. You will also need to tell more about your company and products to assert your authority in your field.


Think mobile first

Nowadays, mobile devices are always faster and more efficient. That’s why smartphones and tablets have become the PCs of most users. It is high time that you adapt to this new state of affairs, by launching a version of your site for mobile. If it’s already done, make sure:

  • Your pages have a suitable design
  • They promote immediate action by the user.


Participate in offline events

Being visible online is not enough. Your customers see you on the web, of course, but they must also see you physically!

Participating in offline events such as trade fairs or fairs can help you generate leads from areas of interest hitherto unheard of for you.

Some companies, especially older and larger ones, should not be content with the web to get in touch with their partners and customers. They need to be able to associate a face with a name and trust a “real” person.


Traditional techniques to generate leads

Customer recommendations

Your customers are your most powerful lever for lead generation. In a world where the opinion of strangers, other consumers, is worth more than a commercial speech, a recommendation from your customers is your best entry card for new prospects.

It has become essential to look after your customer relationships and to co-create with them through:

  • Ambassadors programs;
  • Events co-organized;
  • Strategic partnerships;
  • Co-promotion and sharing of contact databases.

There are also sites that your customers can recommend to you by noting your benefits. Do not hesitate to ask them in this case. HubSpot has created a page that lists all its partner agencies and allows their customers to evaluate them online.

Trade shows and conferences

This remains a major lead acquisition lever in most companies. It is certainly expensive to attend the good shows and give lectures, but the visibility gained may be generating revenue.

Trade shows are indeed a way of establishing one’s opinion leadership.



Lead generation tactics can vary depending on the type of activity or business, but these three precepts are valid for everyone:

  1. Make sure to stay visible
  2. Strive to stay on top
  3. Adapt to changing trends.

It’s up to you to find the tool that will allow you to continually adapt to your customers’ behavior and improve your lead generation strategies.


Author Bio:

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech , , Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.


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The Top Marketing Content to Subscribe To

The Top Marketing Content to Subscribe To


When it comes right down to knowledge sharing, B2B marketers are afforded plenty of sources from where they can get their regular fill of important industry-related news. In an industry as insanely competitive as B2B, it is essential for marketers to be and stay informed. Their next big marketing campaigns will eventually be born out of the knowledge they have acquired online.

With that said, marketers need to spend a lot of time curating for content, observing trends, and listening to current audience needs. It is for this reason that some companies apply such strategies as social listening in order to craft better lead generation activities in the future.

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It really pays for B2B companies to look for new information about the trends that currently matter. As our own way of letting you in on the best sources for enlightenment in the B2B industry, here’s a list of all the marketing content that should deserve your approval:



HubSpot Logo

If you’re looking to know the trends that currently matter in your own industry, HubSpot is there to give you the facts and figures that you can use to create and implement highly effective lead generation campaigns using content. From writing blogs to creating effective webpages, there’s essentially nothing that HubSpot doesn’t touch, so it has become important for any content marketer that’s worth his salt to visit the site and get a great deal of important information straight from industry experts.

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Moz Logo

No doubt about it, SEO has a lot to bring to the table, especially when it comes to generating online leads and converting them into paying customers. One problem is that SEO is too technical a field, requiring a special corps of individuals with the right skill sets to bring a brand front and center. With that said, SEO giant MOZ manages a blog that can help B2B companies a lot along the lines of creating keyword rich content and other important activities that can help any entrepreneur rank higher in the search results.

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Social Triggers

Social Triggers Logo

Let’s not pretend that social media marketing isn’t as difficult as SEO. Sure, you only make posts and tweets here and there, but mastering social media as a lead generation channel demands a lot more. Obviously, the key challenge has always been for companies to identify what factors that will influence users to engage and, eventually, convert them into clients. A lot of metrics and A/B testing involved in this respect, so B2B companies often throw a bulk of their resources in strengthening their presence across various social channels. Apparently, this is something that has to be handled appropriately. Fortunately, Social Triggers is here to save the day. With its wide array of content and ebooks created specifically to help businesses increase site traffic and sales.Subscribe and get your daily dose of all things social media.

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Copyblogger Logo

Whoever says writing effective ad copy is easy? If anything, copywriting is one discipline that demands a great deal of skill. It’s not always about creativity after all. Sometimes, a touch of psychology is what’s needed to come up with articles and CTAs that will catch the attention of one’s target audience. With Copyblogger, you are provided access to a vast array of knowledge culled from expert writers and influencers. Let’s face it, copywriting is ubiquitous in the world of B2B. And for companies to increase their revenues exponentially, choosing the right words for your emails and blog posts is not only required but also essential. For that reason, a lot of people are looking towards Copyblogger for advice in making stellar adcopies.

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Content Marketing Institute

CMI Logo

Finally, you will need to acquire the best information from people who have actually handled content marketing campaigns – and survived! You will find such people in the Content Marketing Institute website, which offers plenty of industry insights, tips, strategies, and analysis Once you have subscribed to this site, you will be able to know a lot about keeping your campaigns in tip-top shape as well as acquire ideas on how best to appeal to the needs and demands of your market.

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Are there any more sources of content marketing enlightenment? Just in case we missed one, please share them in the comment section below. Otherwise, feel free to explore our blog for a lot more nifty stuff about content.



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The State of B2B: Lead Generation Statistics for 2017

The State of B2B: Lead Generation Statistics for 2017

The State of B2B: Lead Generation Statistics for 2017


When it comes to business, especially with the B2B industry, three things matter the most: numbers, numbers, numbers.

Nothing else points you towards improving what resources you have. And by taking a close look at the most important metrics in the B2B industry, you can give yourself a good boost in terms of prioritizing the right approaches.

Marketing trends and insights matter, especially when you opt to increase quality B2B leads, create better content for your audience, and increase revenue without spending too much in the long run. At this point, it is best to stay updated on the ever changing B2B landscape. Take from the GI Joe PSAs: Knowing is half the battle.

For more stats, please visit Hubspot.

51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone. (Google, 2015)

Smartphones have changed the way do business. And it makes sense that with better features and connectivity, smartphones have become a channel for people (especially the CMOs of top brands) to purchase products and solutions that can benefit them. Obviously, going mobile should be a top priority if you want to get ahead in the B2B world. For a start, you can optimize your blog and website for mobile phones and develop apps that can get you close to your prospects.

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65% of companies rate generating traffic and leads as their top marketing challenges. (Hubspot Research, 2017)

There is actually truth in saying that lead generation is a complicated venture. Companies from small startups to tech giants are always faced by the dilemma of figuring out how to generate as much leads as possible. This also explains why companies increase their marketing budgets each year to achieve revenue targets. Still, as much as we like to point out the significance of a lead generation campaign, actual successes in terms of revenue relies on conversion rates.

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For every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them. (Econsultancy, 2016)

Apparently, not many companies are taking their conversion rates too seriously. While you can always be secured by the thought of drawing a lot of decision-makers to the sales pipeline, you are never guaranteed that a good number of them will make a sweet, sweet purchase. Lead nurturing should also deserve some attention since it is exactly what your marketing team needs to actually convert prospects into purchases and cold leads into sales. With that in mind, consider giving your lead nurturing a good boost.

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72% of marketers say relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic. (Ascend2, 2015)

It’s official. Content is still king. And many marketers seem to think so. Because let’s face it, nothing else spikes your B2B lead generation numbers more than creative content. Especially when it comes to SEO, decision-makers rely fully on the type of content you deliver. But at present, little focus has been put on flooding blog posts with keywords. Quality leads are now driven by effective content, which is to say content that is meaningful and relevant.

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How to Turn Cold Leads Into a Sale?

How to Turn Cold Leads Into a Sale?

How to Turn Cold Leads Into a Sale?


B2Bs love referrals, inbound warm leads, and repeat business. However, scaling warm leads is not that easy. Once you run out of leads, it will be difficult to increase your revenue. Hence, it’s always important to focus on driving new leads so you’ll make sales every day. But how can you effectively turn cold leads into a sale?

Importance of Sales Professionals in Companies

There are so many sources for sales professionals when it comes to pulling out leads. The challenging part is turning them into customers. But did you know that confidence can help you turn a casual conversation into a sale? The cold leads conversion process can actually become easier when you know how to handle potential customers. Hence, sales professionals are effective when they know the following:

  • Yearly company revenue.
  • Total employees working for the company.
  • Global and domestic locations.
  • Contact details of key individuals in the company.
  • Business summary and objectives.
  • Key partners and target customers of the company.

Turning Cold Leads into New Customers

Phone-based systems in lead generation and conversion are easier than responding via inbound emails. But since you cannot choose which prospects to respond to, it’s essential to understand how the cold lead conversion process really works. If you really want to make sales from the cold prospects you have in hand, you can follow these tips to ensure you get what you want:

Target carefully.

Businessmen always make sure that they are mingling with the right people. That way, it’s easier to find prospects and qualify them as leads. If you know that the person standing in front of you isn’t your target, then look for another prospect. Getting the right profiles will provide you with qualified leads and sales in the future.

Better start with a FRESH and CLEAN Marketing List!


In every market, research will save you time and effort from something that wouldn’t work in the end. You need to know how to penetrate new markets so you can source out new cold leads. And when you know the current market trends, prospects will come to learn more from you.

Set realistic expectations.

When having a conversation with a prospect, keep in mind that your goal is to build trust and show that you are credible. Tell prospects why they need your product or service and articulate value as you converse with them. If you do things right, you’ll eventually gain commitment from them.

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Know your next move.

After establishing connection with prospects, you now need to determine the next step. You may set another meeting with them or send them follow-up emails or calls. Always make them feel important and well guided.

After all, cold leads are as important as making sales. Without leads, it’s even harder to find prospects that will buy your offer in the end. Sales professional should be responsible in heating up cold leads so they will buy the product or service.

So now, can you effectively turn cold prospects into sales?



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Lead Generation Tips from the Best in the Business

Lead Generation Tips From The Best In The Business

Lead Generation Tips from the Best in the Business
You might have tried to Google “lead generation tips” and a couple hundred million results turned up. Great. But saying it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack is an understatement. It’s more like looking for that needle in a haystack in all of Texas. Good luck finding the best tips you need for your business without getting confused along the way.

When I was starting out with my little startup, I didn’t have the benefit of the wise counsel of a hundred brilliant lead generation experts. Nor was there Twitter (it was born in 2006) or Facebook (In 2004, Facebook was only exclusive to a handful of Ivy League schools. It was only On September 26, 2006, Facebook was opened to everyone at least 13 years old with a valid email address.) or social media to help. Marketing would have been a lot easier.

Now, let’s make it easier for you.

I asked some of the more reputable and well-respected social media influencers what tips and tricks they’ve learned and practiced as an authority in their fields they would want to share with others in the industry. Some of them either DM’ed or emailed me personally, while some gave me permission to grab morsels of their wisdom from their blogs and/or books.

I consider these people some of the best in the industry. And mind you, we follow each other on Twitter. It’s wise you follow them, too.

Here they are and here’s what they have to say:

John Paul Aguiar

John Paul Aguiar


Internet entrepreneur, a pro blogger and social media consultant and trainer specializing in blog marketing and Twitter marketing


The best lead generation tips that have worked very well for me over the years are:

  1. Write targeted, helpful content that fits your audience at all levels. Don’t worry about giving to much away for free, I would rather write a helpful piece of content that teaches something on its own, than to write content that leaves the reader needing to go elsewhere to finish the “learning”.
  2. Another tip is to write content with a plan in place. Have a book launch or product launch coming up? Start the content sharing well before the launch, share content around what your book or product is about. Prep your audience to see why they should listen to you and your advice, do that correctly, and you will have pre sold your book or course nicely.

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sam hurley

Sam Hurley


Head of Search Marketing at Midas Media and Founder of OPTIM-EYEZ, the go-to solution for Digital Marketing tips; Ranked #1 Global Digital Marketing Influencer

The single most important component of any lead gen campaign is the quality of your traffic. If your traffic isn’t qualified – conversion rates are going to look pretty dismal. To ensure quality, produce the right content to the ideal audiences at the optimal time in their buyer journey. Each touch-point needs to be consistent and continual across owned, earned and paid media. Aim for a seamless brand story that attracts attention, creates affinity and finally launches the conversion net with a perfectly executed CTA.

A great trick is to utilise all captures as ambassadors to gain further leads – reward them with gifts, money or free access to a tool. The type of reward depends on the threshold of referrals they send your way… a very nice app for this nature of project is Ambassador.

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pam moore

Pam Moore


CEO of Marketing Nutz, a full service digital marketing, social media and experiential branding agency serving entrepreneurs. She is also a keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, and  author.

There are far too many “experts” online touting that you must be on every new shiny object and social network. They’ll even go so far as to warn you that if you don’t start snapping on Snapchat, storytelling on Instagram and delivering live video on Periscope that your business is destined to fail. Let me tell you right now this is 100% false.

Marketing and business leaders must give themselves permission to prioritize. You do not need to be everywhere all the time. You do not need to treat every social network equal nor spend the same amount of time and investment on every social network. You do not need to work 24/7, 365 days of the year to be successful. Release your fear of missing out and start prioritizing your time and investment of money and resource.

The truth is that the more you focus and prioritize, the better your results will be. Stop only playing around with the social networks. Instead, get serious, get focused and you will start seeing real results.

What matters is where your audience and target customer is online. You must be where they are. You must deliver them value where they are, using methods, language and mediums that will inspire them, connect with them and bring them closer to your brand.  (via


Bob Perella


CEO; Facebook & Social Media Marketing Expert

Leads are supposed to push themselves down the sales funnel all on their own, right? (Although there will always be a few leads who are so excited by your offering that they’ll convert on their own). I hate to break it to you but that rarely ever happens. In order to build a long-term relationship, begin by focusing on thought leadership topics. You want prospects to immediately perceive a professional benefit to receiving such information. This also helps you establish thought leadership with your prospects. Credibility Sells!

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To be a great marketer (or sales person) you need to realize that leads need a little push. People are busy and have different priorities – making it easy for them to quickly forget your offer as time goes by. Nine times out of 10 what prevents the marketing department from proactively reaching out is they think the prospect will contact them all on their own because of the valuable content that you have shared with the prospect.

Even if your content is amazing, you still need to follow-up. Again, the key purpose is to a keep an on-going dialogue about their company and their professional needs. 20% of your potential prospects will take more than one year to buy! Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. Prospects liked to be talked to. They need to know that you think each one of them is unique and that you individually know and understand their concerns and needs. Don’t let automation take away that personal tone that is critical to retaining prospects. All top performer B2B organizations have a lead nurturing that is repeatable. Remember that nurturing your leads (and customers too) should always remain a top priority.

Put a system into place for following up with a new lead! (via SalesVelocity partners)

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Tamara McClearytamara


RelationShift® expert; founder and CEO of Thulium, a brand strategy and social influence agency


People don’t want perfection, they want something they can believe in. Customers purchase experiences, not products or services. What do customers want? They want to identify with your story and enjoy your tale. They want to be pulled into the experience, have their suffering (their challenges or problems) solved, feel valued and know the brand cares.

The extraordinary Steve Jobs shared something similar when he said: “A brand is not so much about rational arguments, but the way that the company resonates with people emotionally.”

Brand stories make a company feel human, and when a company has a compelling story, it creates a persona. It’s this persona that people begin to attach to. In a highly-competitive marketplace, the best way to stand out and differentiate your brand is through a compelling narrative that connects you emotionally to your target audience. (via


matt heinz

Matt Heinz


President of Heinz Marketing; specializes in B2B demand generation, pipeline management, sales enablement, content strategy, inside sales effectiveness, marketing technology, driving revenue & results.

In social media, if you’re worried about followers and likes, you’re doing it wrong. Focus instead on engagement, conversations, and driving an active, two-way discussion about the issues, needs and pain points your target customers care about most. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your prospects are sharing their needs and buying signals on the social web every day. Your responsibility is to listen, look proactively for mentions of those keywords and buying signals, and become an information concierge to drive top-of-pipeline lead generation for your organization. Technology and process drive value here, not media buying and budget. The social web is the greatest source of ongoing free leads ever seen. Are you taking advantage? (via The Modern Marketer’s Field Guide)


ted rubin

Ted Rubin


Leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting CMO of Brand Innovators

Lead generation… it’s in line with return on relationship and getting to know people and building relationships. It’s doing what I call looking people in the eye digitally. And what that really means is getting to know who your audience is and understand who they are and call them by name—to make it about them. To do your research. And that isn’t just from a consumer standpoint; that’s from a B2B standpoint as well.

Let me tell you a story. I’m an older guy. I’m 57 years old. I graduated college in 1980, and I was taught by my parents to look people in the eye.

When I graduated college, I got my first sales job. And I got a call from my dad after my first week of work and he goes, “So when’s your first meeting?”

And I said, “It’s Friday.”

And he said, “Well, what time is the meeting?”

I said, “10:00.”

He said, “When are you gonna go there?”

I said, “I’ll probably get there about five to 10.”

He goes, “No. Get there at 9:00. Walk around the neighborhood. Get to know what other businesses and restaurants are there. Get into the office. Find out what other companies are in the building. Try to get into the office of the person you’re meeting with and see what diplomas are on the wall, what photos are on the desk. Is he a father, a grandfather? Does he golf, does he fish? Does he ski? Where did he go to school? Find points of emotional connection where you can have a conversation with him other than business that’s important to him.”

Now, today you don’t have to get there an hour early. All this information’s available digitally, but most of us aren’t bothering to use it.

We’re worried about bringing people to our pages, instead of going and seeing all the information they’re offering us on theirs.

My advice to you is to make sure to do your research before you go in. It’s a simple as a click of a button—and then bothering to read something and seeing how it relates to you.

But really my point is that all these tools are tremendous, but if you forget the people, you’re overlooking the most important part.

Tools help you be more productive. They help you find out things about the people you’re working with. They’re helping you stay on top of your business. But in the end, you’ve got to always keep the people at the forefront of your thinking. Because if you overlook them, if you only look at the money, then you’re missing the most important part. (via


mike kawula

Mike Kawula


CEO @theSocialQuant Social Media Twitter Marketing Startup driving businesses Leads & Sale; Entrepreneur, Author & Inc. 500 Alum 


Here’s my 7 step formula for any entrepreneur to drive massive traffic to their brand with Twitter marketing:

1) Get More Twitter Followers: In order for Twitter to send you continual traffic to your business, you need to have a plan to not only get more Twitter followers consistently, but relevant Twitter followers.

2) Set up a great Twitter cover that has a brief message of exactly who you are as a business. What’s the itch you scratch? Treat your Twitter cover like a billboard on the highway, very brief on words, but clear on message. You can use a tool like Canva to create an awesome Twitter cover for free.

3) Put up a good profile image of who you are. Sure you’ve spent a ton of time on a logo, but a personal image will do better.

4) Write an amazing bio of what it is you do and who you are. Keep it fun and don’t put any hashtags in your bio, unless if they’re unique only to your business.

5) Make sure you have a link under your bio to somewhere on your business website. Either the homepage or an offer you have.

6) Pin a Tweet to your Twitter profile. If you set everything up well above and have a following strategy, most people will look at your profile to see if they should follow you back. By pinning a tweet, you can talk to their pain point and have a guide or offer as the first Tweet they see.

7) Share content that is great frequently. The top 20% of people who get the majority of traffic from Twitter are tweeting over 80 times a day. This might seem like a lot (it is), but it can be automated easily.

These 7 tips are just the beginning of Twitter marketing, but alone can send you massive brand awareness, traffic and sales. Further strategies can also help multiply the benefits of Twitter, but this will get you started fast to start reaping the rewards.

Parting shot

Of course, it’s always “different strokes for different folks”. But armed with a combination of these tips and tricks, which to be honest, are mostly centered on the value of relationships and social media marketing, you can put yourself in a better position to succeed in terms of lead generation.

Rom Agustin

Author: Rom Agustin is the CEO of Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions.

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