Your Roadmap to Buying the Best Leads

Your Roadmap to Buying the Best Leads

Your Roadmap to Buying the Best Leads


For a lot of businesses right now, growing one’s brand is a big deal. But growing one’s client base is an even bigger deal!

As competitiveness increases in such industries as IT and financial services, it pays for B2B companies to stimulate revenue growth as well as secure a better position in one’s market. More than ever, businesses in the B2B arena need effective marketing strategies and lead generation techniques to reach certain business goals faster and without any letup. These have become a lot easier considering the number of options enabling marketers to put their brands front and center.

But more than strategy, marketers also need to be more articulate in terms of looking for opportunities to grow their sales. Apparently, this involves generating a good amount of leads for their pipelines through the production of industry-relevant content. Still, it remains to be seen how content such as articles and infographics can turn site visitors into leads and, finally, into clients.

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Beyond that, though, greater emphasis should always be put on how marketers can seek out leads for the best value in terms of affordability and quality. The debate between quantity and quality rages on, but it is evident that the best marketing campaigns are those that take advantage of both.

And this leads us to list-buying. Now, the practice has gotten a bad rap lately, mostly due to quality and deliverability issues. Granted, but buying marketing lists isn’t all that bad as long as you know the enterprise you are dealing with. In fact, you can get access to quality marketing lists once you already know where to start looking.

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And for that, here’s our own quality list of the best providers for the best leads. And, oh, we added the estimated prices of their lists for good measure.


If you want to improve your CRM activities, Limeleads offers you the ability to tap a vast sea of business contacts that rightly coincides with your targets. With its database of 3.5 million business contacts, the service can surely provide you with the leads you have been looking for.

Although the service does not allow for CRM integration whatsoever, at least you don’t have to worry about quality since the service makes use of an assortment of tools to verify each lead before you can begin contacting them. Price-wise, Limeleads provides packages that can rightly fit anyone’s budget. It offers at least 0.50$ per contact, but clients can opt for monthly packages that will cost as much as $240. Startups can take advantage of this to increase the number of leads they have to engage, thereby allowing for better sales opportunities.

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What do you do if you want to target big brands? You turn to an award-winning lead generation service that already has an impressive portfolio of past clients, that’s what. But far from any marketing service, Callbox is also capable of delivering quality leads straight from its own database of business contacts across various industries.

Using its Pipeline CRM which can be integrated to a Salesforce account, Callbox can surely pack a punch when it comes right down to verifying lead contacts and making sure your marketing list is free from duplications and other scum that gets in the way. Aside from that, Callbox allows its clients to scale their marketing to rightly fit their needs. Although the price of the marketing lists it generates varies depending on the quality, getting Callbox to seeking business contacts will be an investment you will never regret.

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If you use Salesforce, is your go-to tool that further strengthens your lead generation campaigns and allows you the power to identify prospects based on your preferred clients’ profiles.  Interestingly, it gets much of its data from Dunn & Bradstreet and manages an arsenal of 3.5 million company records. Seeking out right prospects is also not that difficult as allows its clients to search companies by category.

In terms of price, provides for a startup payment of about $1,800 a year at 300 contacts a month. But it doesn’t stop there. The service can also do data management and cleansing of Salesforce accounts for an additional $300. If you are willing to up the ante in terms of quality, then you might want to consider paying extra.



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For List Buyers: Fantastic Leads Databases and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Leads Databases and Where to Find Them: A Guide for List Buyers

Fantastic Leads Databases and Where to Find Them: A Guide for List Buyers

Let’s start this article off by saying that a good marketing campaign has to be supported by a good list. Your social media, email and telemarketing engagements won’t help your bottom line unless you have an archive of active prospects to pursue.

But while companies can always invest in building lists all on their own, it takes a lot more to generate contacts that respond instantly to your digital content and cold-calls. Obviously, the best way to make this happen is to have another company do the building for you. But you are not always certain whether the company can actually seek out the prospects that fit your target audience profile.

For sure, list-building is such a complex process. And even if you have somebody else do it, you will need to make a grand investment. But even if you throw in a bulk of your resources on list-building, there is no guaranteeing that the contacts contained in the list translate to actual opportunities.

With that said, buying a leads list has to be the safest and most effective method for companies to implement. And this is because list providers already possess an arsenal of contacts across various industries – from IT down to health services. In addition to that, these providers have already validated their lists, giving their clients a good bulk of leads to pursue in no time.

But even though list buying sounds like a more attractive and easier choice, it has its drawbacks, too. Better read this article first Buying a Marketing List: 9 Things That Should be on your Checklist.

The quality of your leads list will not only determine the number of prospects you will be able to generate, it also functions to support your brand’s reputation. Bad lists, in that case, will only bring your campaign down by directing your messages to unresponsive contacts.

An easier way to get around this is to purchase a marketing list from trusted sources. Lucky for you, we have listed a handful of them below:

Oping to pump as much data into your sales pipeline as possible. Well, eSalesData has what you need to provide you with opportunities to maximize your ROI and get your brand the exposure it deserves. With its array of reliable marketing lists across various industries, the service enables you to make the most out of multi-channel campaigns.

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 If accuracy is your thing, then look no further than ZoomInfo. The company recognizes just how difficult it is to set up a lead generation system. With an impressive portfolio of over 90 million business contacts, the service has what it takes to scale your sales and marketing. And did we mention something about accuracy? ZoomInfo is very much capable of narrowing down your preferences and supply your business with the prospects it needs to grow.

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When it comes right down to quality lists, Hoovers delivers just the right stuff. Enhancing your sales and marketing will be breeze the moment you partner up with the service. And having the “world’s largest commercial database” up its sleeves, you can expect for the service to provide you with exactly what you need to locate and engage potential clients across various demographics. If your brand demands data-driven results, Hoover would be the right (maybe the only!) choice for you.

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Thinking of targeting top-level decision makers? Haven’t got a clue as to where to find them? Info Global Data provides solutions to these important issues.The service allows clients access to a whole range of marketing lists based on job titles and location. On top of that, it provides powerful tools that ensure the sales pipeline never runs dry of quality leads. In terms of analytics, Info Global Data is pretty much capable of delivering up-to-date and relevant information on prospects that matter to your campaign, keeping you informed all throughout.

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Want to improve your marketing campaigns even further? Complement your effective leads list with powerful tools such as database cleansing and security. That way, you will be able to supply the sales pipeline with a consistent amount of quality leads.

And if that isn’t enough, you might also want to implement an automated marketing system to help you with the even trickier job of nurturing your leads and setting them up for sales appointments.

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Top Tips to Find the Right One… The Right Database Vendor That Is…

Top Tips to Find the Right One… The Right Database Vendor That Is…

Top Tips to Find the Right One… The Right Database Vendor That Is…

When you are out looking for a database vendor, you need to face two important challenges: finding out which company best fits your needs and finding one that can actually deliver the results you wanted.

You would not know in both cases unless you actually “follow your gut” and hire a vendor “you think” is a good match. But more often, this will only result in hiring solutions providers that are unable to provide solutions at all and instead give you invalid addresses and low-quality leads. Better stop chasing invalid contacts before it’s too late.

So, is there a safer way for selecting the most appropriate vendor match?

Luckily, there is. Or there are. As a business owner, you should be able to seek the right enterprises to help you out. To do that, you only need to apply these important tips that can snag the right partner from a sea of vendors.

Seek them out

We can say something about how looking for a database provider and searching for a soulmate can be similar. To start, it is possible for both to use social tools. For people who want to get intimate with others, there are apps like Tinder. For businesses, on the other hand, a simple web search will do. Take time to key in the things you need in a marketing database and you will be directed to the vendor of your dreams.

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Define what you want

As the enterprise owner, you have a clear picture of exactly what you need. When you seek out specific solutions, leaving essential details out the equation just won’t cut it. In terms of looking for an effective database company, you need to identify the certain points: Do you seek quality leads, or do you prefer quantity? This way, vendors will know if they can deliver the results you wanted. You can also expect those who do to respond to your request.

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Work with your team

It is essential that you meet with your sale department before making a proposal. This is important as it allows you to identify more effectively the issues you need to resolve and the solutions you need to generate more leads and close more sales. Inputs from your team will help you develop proposals that can eventually bring in the right vendor.

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Attend industry events

Events such as trade shows and seminars are chock full of vendors that are willing to apply whatever it is they are good at. These venues provide ample opportunities to forge crucial networks. What’s more, they enable vendors to hear you out and make a compelling case of what they can bring to the table. If you are looking to seek a solutions provider that matches your vendor profile, then you better get a heads up on important industry events to attend.

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Define your criteria

What are the qualities of a good database you are looking for? How much are you willing to spend? These questions and more allow you to water down your options so that you are left with the right solutions provider. You may as well prepare a checklist which can help you narrow down your search. Eventually, you will find the vendor that satisfies everything in the list. Start FRESH with a Clean Marketing List!

Look at testimonials

You just can’t trust businesses that say they are the “best around.” Sure anyone can make that claim, but only a few can truly deliver results. In that case, searching for the perfect database vendor shouldn’t only involve reading ad copies and blog posts. You also need to examine previous and existing contracts. This is exactly why you need to look at client testimonials and third-party reviews. These basically present an impartial narrative of what a vendor can ACTUALLY do. For starters, check a vendor’s portfolio of previous clients. Do they include any familiar brands? You might also do a simple search and check if the vendor is mentioned in other sites and – better yet – included in top ten lists.

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Request for a sample list

It is crucial that you test the waters before you dive in. So, before you sign a contract, you need to get a sample marketing list and make several test calls and emails. If it does offer promising results, then you have found the right one. Still, you need to make sure that there are safeguards that will compensate you if ever the product doesn’t perform like it supposed to.



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Grow Your Email List: Give More Than You Can Take

Grow Your Email List: Give More Than You Can Take

Business is about growing your revenue and determining the best possible strategies to achieve this. While there are numerous ways you can do to maximize profits for lesser the cost, you can always choose to implement an effective lead generation and appointment setting for your enterprise.

But that’s obviously what many companies do these days. Still, they have this tendency to focus on generating traffic all the while not knowing what exactly to do with it. One thing’s for sure, managing an effective mailing list can free you from the hassle of promoting content that only qualified leads can respond to.

Moreover, you can never go wrong with an email list as numerous companies rely heavily on email marketing to get their brand the exposure it deserves from business prospects.

However, to achieve the same level of success in your own email marketing, you need to know a few things about growing your own email list.

Optimized fill-up forms

Conversion forms are still the best channels for capturing high-quality leads. But you might want to ask yourself from time to time, “Are my conversion forms performing as expected?” In this case, you need to know if the placement, as well as the design of your conversion forms, are well-suited to attract interested visitors to your site. This means you need to have an effective call to action, placing your forms on top, and optimizing them for mobile.

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People love receiving things for free. And the same goes for decision-makers who can’t get enough of giveaways. Not only does the concept “free of charge” will have them subscribe to your mailing list, it also allows them access to informational and meaningful content that will influence them to make a purchase later on. Don’t know where to start? You can always vouch for ebooks, infographics, and downloadable media to draw them towards your fold. 

Here’s an example from Callbox. They give FREE ebooks with practical tips in exchange for emails. Not bad for a bargain, right?

Lead Generation Kit

Download the guide here. It’s FREE!


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Offer discounts and promos

In the same way as free content, discounts and promos can bait your prospects towards your mailing list. After all, it provides for significant motivation for qualified leads to get to know you better. Using electronic coupons is also a must if you opt to stir some interest. Moreover, giving free trials can give you an added boost. Apart from giving potential customers a taste of your product, free trials can also push potential customers to sign up for your mailing list and to see what else you are capable of offering.

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Email is still one of the most effective lead generation channels out there. Give your campaign an added boost through a highly capable B2B company that grows mailing lists like an Idaho potato farmers grow potatoes.



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Start FRESH with a Clean Email List for 2017

Start FRESH with a Clean Email List for 2017


Okay, New Year’s Resolutions are a little bit corny, not to mention outdated. And whether you admit it or not, they’ve become more perfunctory than heartfelt. If I dare say that 9 out of every 10 people who make a list of things to change about themselves in the new year probably never even get to start at all, who’d sue me?

The point is, everybody wants to start the year fresh and clean and all that not because we understand the benefits that come with it, but because everybody else is doing it. In sociology, it’s the bandwagon theory. Humans are wired in such as a way that we tend to do things because everyone else is doing it.

But that doesn’t sound wise or smart in business. When it comes to marketing, you act only on things after you have carefully studied every possible angle, every potential, every consequence. Due diligence is a must, not a preference. You never leave something to chance.

There are so many things you can do to welcome the new year, whether it’s something for self-improvement or for your business growth. As far as direct marketing goes, the best way to start is by making sure your email list is as spic-and-span as it can get. Let’s list down the benefits of a fresh and clean email list.

  1. Lower bounce rate

One of the most immediate benefits of email address verification is a lower bounce rate. A bounce rate greater than 3-5% is a sign you need to clean your email list. Uh oh. Chances are, yours is much higher. Trust me, I’ve seen bounce rates that look like field goal percentages by NBA centers. Bounces are often caused by undeliverable email addresses on your list. The culprit? A bad email list.

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  1. Saves money

Any list that has “saves money” in it is worth paying attention to, that’s why I have it at number two. I mean, do you really want to pay to send messages to non-existent email addresses? Who are you fooling? Email list validation has so many advantages that includes reducing your overall marketing costs associated with your email marketing efforts due to bouncing emails. Get your staff more comfortable chairs from the money you saved. They’ll thank you for it.

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  1. Accurate campaign stats

Many times, accuracy separates a positive ROI and zero. Obviously, the more accurate your data and numbers are, the better your chances are at being efficient at whatever you’re doing. You can actually do better business decisions by enhanced customer data analysis.

Same is true with your emails. An undeliverable email is never going to open, click, or engage. By keeping these addresses on your email list, your campaign statistics are not an accurate reflection of your email marketing efforts. List cleaning removes addresses that are damaging your sender reputation and skewing your campaign statistics.

If you’re not convinced yet, read this Callbox Client Story Global Media Runs on Accurate Market Data.

  1. More effective targeted marketing

Verifying emails prevents your team from wasting valuable time mailing bad leads. After cleaning an email list, you should segment inactive vs. active emails and target each group with appropriate messaging. When invalid addresses are removed from your email list, you get a better idea of how engaged your subscribers are with specific content.

  1. Increased Conversion Rates

A bad email address can never convert. A clean email list increases conversion rates by removing addresses that will never convert. When your messages are being received by an engaged audience, your conversion rates will increase.

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  1. Increased Email ROI

In addition to saving money, a fresh email list increases your overall email ROI by eliminating the investment in undeliverable emails, reducing bounces, improving your sender reputation, and providing more accurate metrics for decision making.

  1. Maximize revenue opportunities

Undeliverable email addresses damage your sender reputation, causing your messages to be placed in the spam folder rather than the inbox. A clean email list gets better inbox placement, better engagement, and better revenue opportunities through segmentation and targeting.

  1. Protect your sender reputation

One of the main factors of email deliverability is your sender reputation, which is determined by bounces, spam complaints, spam traps, and subscriber level engagement. The higher the engagement rate, the better your delivery rate. Repeatedly sending out invalid email addresses can hurt your company reputation and registered domain.


There you go. Now you know how a clean email list will improve your efficiency as an organization moving forward. Trust me, this is a list worth sticking to, new year or not.


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Buying a Marketing List: 9 Things That Should be on your Checklist

Buying a Marketing List: 9 Things That Should be on your Checklist

Buying a Marketing List: 9 Things That Should be on your Checklist

Buying a list for your marketing campaign is a great idea  but making a decision as to who to choose for when looking for the right list provider can be a hard one.

Targeting the right audience is the key to success in every marketing campaign. Every telemarketer knows that having an accurate data have a negative impact in a campaign. And having an up-to-date contact information as well as valid email addresses are must-haves to all marketers.

Here are the do’s and don’ts that you need to consider when purchasing a list:

#1: Buy from people who are experienced

Many companies are claiming to be data experts. It’s always good to work with companies that have good data credentials so that you get accurate and good clean list.

#2: Contact by calling them, not through email

When picking a provider, contact by calling them and not through email. If in case you can’t reach a live person, it is more likely a bogus and you will never have a good marketing list.

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#3: Ask where the data came from

Get to know the source of the data that you wish to purchase. A legit data supplier will be happy to tell you know how and where the list came from.

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#4: Do you own the data or are you just renting the list?

Renting a list is much lower than purchasing it. However, if you are renting the list, you do not own the contact information and cannot market to contacts without renting the list again. Make sure to clarify whether the cost per lead is for rental or for a list purchase.

#5: Find out if you can select your list using your own criteria

You were supposed to purchase a list based on your own criteria. If the list you are considering cannot be targeted in this way, you must start asking yourself if the data is accurate, targeted and relevant to your needs.

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#6: Ask if all the emails included in the list are “Opt in”

Opt in emails is the term used when someone is given an option to receive a newsletter or any marketing materials. Without obtaining permission before sending information, an email is called unsolicited bulk email or is considered a spam.

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#7: Don’t settle for a cheaper one

Having the right data is important and in data industry, you need to get what you paid for. If you receive a few quotes and one is lower than the others, take time to think before making a decision to purchase a cheaper one. Consider evaluating your options first.

This is why you should be clean up, update and deduplicate your marketing data.

Read this Problem with (and Solution to) Database Decay.

#8: Don’t decide very quickly

Take time to think things over before you make a decision. Don’t jump straight in with both feet or you’ll end up buying large amount of data therefore costing you more money.

#9: Decide based on facts

Consider checking their websites and read about their client testimonials. Success stories from their old clients will help you decide if you’ve made the right choice.

Keep in mind these tips when buying a marketing list to avoid providers with incomplete, invalid and dirty data that can ruin your deliverability numbers and open rates when sending marketing information.


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