Top Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Badly Need Email Validation

Top Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Badly Need Email Validation


Let’s start off with some basic facts:

For 2017, HubSpot states that 86 percent of professionals prefer using email for business outreaches and that 86 percent of consumers “would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly, and 15% would like to get them daily.” 

If these won’t convince you into believing that emails are still as relevant as they were before, we don’t know what will. Companies that aim to increase their sales have noted actual gains in terms of the volume of qualified leads entering the pipeline. But this not just because they successfully wooed prospects with the right kind of content.

Having high clickthrough rates do not necessarily translate to increases in sales closes. Actual successes are only possible through establishing an effective mailing list validation. How is this so? Well, let’s look at some of the reasons.

#1. Your List is Full of Bad Addresses

When building a mailing list, you can’t expect that it will be filled with actual people. Sometimes, invalid addresses can enter the list without you noticing. This can only spell trouble, since having bad email addresses around can only swell your bounce rate. Worse, the emails you send to actual email addresses will get thrown to the spam folders. Cleansing your database free of unwanted addresses can prevent this from happening.


#2. Your list is full of errors

What’s even more critical than bad email addresses? Addresses that are spelled wrongly, that’s what! Human errors can often result in emails targeting the wrong people or not targeting anyone at all. Again, this will lead to the same issue caused by bad email addresses. Unless you want to see your bounce rates get insanely high, you can take the crucial step of pinpointing misspelled addresses and verify them.

#3. You’re Sending too Many Emails to the Wrong People

HubSpot points out that 78% of consumers unsubscribe to from emails. tweet!

This is due to several reasons, but the most common would be that these prospects are not interested in the brand anymore and that the sheer number of emails they receive daily has become all too annoying! One way to iron this out is to verify your mailing list and filter out any unresponsive addresses. That way, you would be hitting your targets more accurately.

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You’re Spending Too Much

With all these issues taken into account, you can say that not having an effective mailing list validation can cost you a lot of money. You will be spending precious resources rather than growing revenue. With mailing list validation, you can increase sales because you will be engaging the right business partners from a sea of prospects.



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