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If your marketing platform is built on a single source (e.g., email) to generate sales leads, you are likely missing out on golden opportunities that come from other lead channels such as telemarketing, online, social media! In effect, you’re losing sales before you even make them!

Not Conviced? Here, use some facts:

40% of consumers consult three
or more channels before

4 out of 5 consumers use
smartphones to shop.

In 2012, 44% of email recipients
made at least one purchase based
on promotional email. 74% of
consumers use social networks to
guide purchase decisions.

Not Conviced? Here, use some facts:

If you are to take your lead generation campaign to another level, you have to do more than read call scripts over the phone or send cookie cutter emails to random contacts. In a highly diversified market, relying on any single method to generate leads is about as effective as having only one leg in a one-on-one football match.

Make a switch to multi-channel lead generation and watch your marketing campaign shoot forward like someone who just grabbed some magic mushroom in Mario Kart.

  • Capture more sales leads through combined power of telemarketing, email, online, and social media.
  • Get your message across… faster and more accurately.
  • Take the hassle of marketing off the back of your sales team.
  • Meet with qualified decision makers.
  • Generate record sales without breaking your wallet.
  • Improve conversion rate.

Not Conviced? Here, use some facts:

Our Services

Since every campaign is unique, we tailor our solutions to individual requirements. Generally, however, our multi-channel lead generation campaigns comprise two or more of the following elements:

We set up an outbound
telemarketing campaign to
reach out to and engage
directly with potential
customers in your market.

We run online marketing
campaigns to improve your
search engine ranking and
give your brand maximum
online exposure.

We send targeted email
blasts to initiate contact,
follow-up on previous
conversations, and provide
additional info to prospects.

Social Media
We loop you in on the latest
and hottest conversations in
social communities and get
you connected with people
who are likely to become
your customers.

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