For List Buyers: Fantastic Leads Databases and Where to Find Them  


Let’s start this article off by saying that a good marketing campaign has to be supported by a good list. Your social media, email and telemarketing engagements won’t help your bottom line unless you have an archive of active prospects to pursue.

But while companies can always invest in building lists all on their own, it takes a lot more to generate contacts that respond instantly to your digital content and cold-calls. Obviously, the best way to make this happen is to have another company do the building for you. But you are not always certain whether the company can actually seek out the prospects that fit your target audience profile.

For sure, list-building is such a complex process. And even if you have somebody else do it, you will need to make a grand investment. But even if you throw in a bulk of your resources on list-building, there is no guaranteeing that the contacts contained in the list translate to actual opportunities.

With that said, buying a leads list has to be the safest and most effective method for companies to implement. And this is because list providers already possess an arsenal of contacts across various industries – from IT down to health services. In addition to that, these providers have already validated their lists, giving their clients a good bulk of leads to pursue in no time.

But even though list buying sounds like a more attractive and easier choice, it has its drawbacks, too. Better read this article first Buying a Marketing List: 9 Things That Should be on your Checklist.

The quality of your leads list will not only determine the number of prospects you will be able to generate, it also functions to support your brand’s reputation. Bad lists, in that case, will only bring your campaign down by directing your messages to unresponsive contacts.

An easier way to get around this is to purchase a marketing list from trusted sources. Lucky for you, we have listed a handful of them below:

Oping to pump as much data into your sales pipeline as possible. Well, eSalesData has what you need to provide you with opportunities to maximize your ROI and get your brand the exposure it deserves. With its array of reliable marketing lists across various industries, the service enables you to make the most out of multi-channel campaigns.

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 If accuracy is your thing, then look no further than ZoomInfo. The company recognizes just how difficult it is to set up a lead generation system. With an impressive portfolio of over 90 million business contacts, the service has what it takes to scale your sales and marketing. And did we mention something about accuracy? ZoomInfo is very much capable of narrowing down your preferences and supply your business with the prospects it needs to grow.

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When it comes right down to quality lists, Hoovers delivers just the right stuff. Enhancing your sales and marketing will be breeze the moment you partner up with the service. And having the “world’s largest commercial database” up its sleeves, you can expect for the service to provide you with exactly what you need to locate and engage potential clients across various demographics. If your brand demands data-driven results, Hoover would be the right (maybe the only!) choice for you.

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Thinking of targeting top-level decision makers? Haven’t got a clue as to where to find them? Info Global Data provides solutions to these important issues.The service allows clients access to a whole range of marketing lists based on job titles and location. On top of that, it provides powerful tools that ensure the sales pipeline never runs dry of quality leads. In terms of analytics, Info Global Data is pretty much capable of delivering up-to-date and relevant information on prospects that matter to your campaign, keeping you informed all throughout.

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Want to improve your marketing campaigns even further? Complement your effective leads list with powerful tools such as database cleansing and security. That way, you will be able to supply the sales pipeline with a consistent amount of quality leads.

And if that isn’t enough, you might also want to implement an automated marketing system to help you with the even trickier job of nurturing your leads and setting them up for sales appointments.

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