Marketers Increase ROI after using Marketing Automation Tool  



As a marketer, if you are planning on implementing marketing automation into your marketing strategies, you must first understand how marketing automation works.

Marketing automation can help promote your products easily. It lets you achieve your marketing goals by evaluating your prospects based on their activities. It helps you prioritize your leads, nurture them and walk them through until they reached the last stage of their buying process.

Benefits of marketing automation

  • Reduce staffing cost
  • Target potential customers through multiple channels
  • Schedule activities ahead of time.
  • Send out emails to prospects during those times with higher open rates
  • Call prospects when they are most likely to pick up and answer the phone

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Many marketers and business owners use marketing automation software to help increase their sales and have higher ROI.

On a blog post from “The Ultimate Marketing Automation Stats” by Emailmonday, an average of 49% of companies are currently using marketing automation and 55% of B2B companies are adopting the technology.

But how can a marketer increase his ROI by using marketing automation tool?

#1. By identifying warm leads

Did they visit your service page? Watch a video? Downloaded an ebook? These leads are the ones you should engage with and nurture. Marketing automation lets you track these leads activity and alerts you to be ready when they’re ready.

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#2. By nurturing your prospects

Most leads are considered “not yet ready to purchase” prospects. Marketing automation tool allows you to create a scheme and schedule when to send an email or contact them based on their activity. Knowing which stage your prospects are in their buying process lets you know when is the right time to touch base until they become sales-ready. Here’s the remedy for your unqualified leads.

#3. By responding to your leads quickly

Marketing automation keeps track of your prospect’s activity that allows you to respond quickly. Reaching out to prospects and addressing their questions quickly lets you convert them faster.

Top 5 Marketing Automation Software

  1. Hubspot
  2. Pardot
  3. Act-on
  4. Active campaign
  5. iContact Pro

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Make sure to compare the features of some of the best marketing automation software to know which one works best for your business.

If you have so many leads in your sales pipeline and you’re having a hard time, it’s about time to invest in marketing automation software. Monitor your leads wisely and automatically engage with them faster when they are ready.



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