Telemarketing Tips: 6 Hacks That Still Work With Gatekeepers  


Trust us we get you. You have the perfect product, the perfect pitch, and even the perfect attitude. When you’re about to have that perfect phone call, lo and behold, the gatekeeper awaits you. To this date, we still have the problem of dealing with a gatekeeper when trying to get a decision maker. However, gatekeepers are people, too. Let’s check out what you can do in order to make it through the gate!


Get Personal with Them

They might get annoying but they are people who are just trying to do their jobs …just like you. The first time you encounter a gatekeeper you have to make sure that you go off-script because whatever your spiel is, you can be sure that the person before you has probably already tried that, too, and as such, they are getting really sick and tired of it.

Get personal with them and show some personality, as soon as they show some of theirs you have one foot through the gate. In most business transactions, a feeling of familiarity and relation is essential in order to make it to the next step.

Another thing that most people often forget is to modulate the way that they speak. Now if this is important in everyday conversations in person, imagine how important it is when you are trying to establish rapport with a gatekeeper?

Just a subtle change of your tone in voice could come off as mean or rude, you do not want to give the impression that you are being bothered by the way they’re acting or reacting.

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Do Not Ever Sell to Them

First of all, they won’t be the ones making the decisions on whether to buy the product or not, they have a specific role and it does not include that. Do not think that by selling your product or service to them they will be able to you a good one and sell it to their superior. It does not work that way; they do not work for you.

Another reason why you should not sell to them is that it is simply annoying on their end. It does not benefit them in any way. Instead, you should be selling yourself as worthy of going through rather than your product.


They Are Your Allies …Treat Them as Such

If they allow you through the “gate” then wouldn’t they be helping you? And, as such, wouldn’t that effectively make them your allies since they helped you? Think about it this way, when you talk to a gatekeeper you are essentially negotiating for them to be your allies to allow you to pass through.

You try to treat potential ally with the highest regard possible because at the end of the day they’ve got your back.

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Remember to Ask for Their Help

Sometimes all you have to do is ask for the gatekeeper’s help in getting to the decision maker. Remember that a lot of people really respond well to being asked for help especially if it is done in a personal manner. This is due to the fact that our brains are hardwired not to think of the people we help as threats and we tend to receive them better.

If you follow our previously outlined steps at getting personal with the gatekeeper, then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem asking them for help. If they cannot help you then thank them for their efforts, there’s no use getting annoyed or frustrated as there are still different ways of getting to the decision maker without having to go through the gatekeeper. And, this leads us to our last point which is actually practical advice that we’ve learned in the past.


Avoid Them

Some gatekeepers won’t really let you through and if this is the case then you should think about avoiding them altogether. However, this is not an option if you’ve managed to irritate the gatekeeper, this is just an option that is worth considering in the likelihood that you really need to get the decision maker.

Consider using email, social media, or even other people connected to the decision-making unit if you really can’t find that one person. Remember that we still haven’t found one sole decision maker that has completely isolated themselves from the outside world so you could still get in touch with them using different people or different means.


Remember this: the gatekeeper is your friend. You have to treat them as such, and also, we have to repeat this again, they are only doing their jobs. If by chance you can’t deal with a particular gatekeeper any longer, there are still a lot of ways to get to that prospect to set that appointment and finally get them into the company pipeline!


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